About Phazor 2K14

Started way back in 2002 , SNS COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY is located at Coimbatore- the Manchester of south India with an outlook to shape distinguished professionals and ethically unimpeachable engineers and in particular has enabled the subsequent careers of a great number of scholars to be traced into the world. The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering solidly believes in the Perception that the Zeal for this stream can only be emanated only through empiricism .Here Pupils are galvanized to venture and uncover stimulating and prolific notions. Correspondingly a reservoir of new speculations, Brain work and toil has been engrossed to harmonize this year’s Technical Symposium ‘PHAZOR 2K14′.
There are patterns which emerge, circles and returns anew, an endless variation of a theme. The scope of a theme based affair is to Procreate a certain idea or axiom the central spotlight.
“A lot of the economy is indeed being supplied by goods that are produced offshore. And much of the reason for that is societal.”
Wind energy is recognised worldwide as a proven technology to meet increasing electricity demands in a sustainable and clean way.Offshore wind energy has the added attraction that it has minimal environmental effects and, broadly speaking, the best resources are reasonably well located relative to the centres of electricity demand. This year ‘PHAZOR 2K14′ has been sketched circumspectly to include amusing and Savvy events.We all invite you to this grand Occasion designed for the most challenging phase offshore.


  • priya

    is it possible to have 3 members per group?

    • Sudharsan Ganesh

      For Paper Presentation 2 authors per paper and for project you can have a maximum of 3 members.